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your favorite books

I was just reading my favorite book Harry Potter and the goblet of fire by j.K. Rowing. Her books are amazing full of adventures, Harry Potter is about a wizard  called Harry Potter he lives with is mean Aunt, uncle and cousin because his parents did in a car crash.Well...

Goosebumps night of the living Dummy 2

one of my favorite books for light reading is goosebumps. Yes they are spooky but that's what I like about the goosebumps series. There all pretty good and really good story's but my favorite I think is the scariest one THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DUMMY du du duuuuu. Trina...

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Riddle’s and riddles and more Riddle’s

Hi dragon wings here. Me and my brothers love riddles we have a lot. So I was just wondering do you guys know any mind puzzling Riddle's so I can trick my brothers. Can you guys share them with me it would be amazing if you people could. Talking about...

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