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Presented by State Library Victoria

What BUMOSAUR is that by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Hi dargonwings here.Do you like books that are funny,ones that have rude humor, and like to do some light reading. Well you will like these book. It is by one of my favorite author the one and only ANDY GRIFFITHS. I love his books they are always funny and there a lot of books that he has made. The tree house series, the bad book, just_series, the day my bum went  psycho series, once apon a slime, mascot madness,the cat on the mats is flat and the big fat cow that goes kapow.
This book is one I just got it’s so funny. Why was the Tyannosore_arse Rex so angry? Where did bogasauruses live? How many cheeks did the tricerabutt have? Was the dumhead idiotasurus the most stupid bumosaur?